How to Help Your Divorce Mediator in Chicago IL Succeed – by Brian James

One of the first things that a divorce mediator in Chicago Illinois will explain is that mediation is a collaborative process.  Success depends on the efforts of the parties and the abilities of the mediator.  Some ways that you can increase the likelihood of your divorce mediator in Chicago Illinois succeeding include:

Be Open to the Process

Remember that mediation is all about cooperation.  You will have to leave behind the old ways of dealing with conflict and adopt new methods.  Be open to the possibility of reaching an agreement.

Actively Listen

It is common for spouses to get to a point where they no longer listen to each other.  Even when they look like they are listening, they may simply be waiting for their turn to make a point.  In mediation, the goal is to work out a solution regarding divorce issues.  There is no real benefit to being “right.” Instead, the focus is on what is the best way to move forward after divorce.  By truly listening, the spouses can better understand what it will take to resolve the case by identifying the other spouse’s interests.  This allows the parties to come up with a settlement that is mutually agreeable. 

Be Objective

It is easy to see the situation from your own perspective and to get caught up in the emotions that have led you down the path towards divorce.  However, if you make an effort to see the situation from a more objective viewpoint, you will be more likely to accept a reasonable settlement.

Be Flexible

Even though you and your attorney may come up with a plan before mediation, walk into the mediation with an open mind.  Surprises may pop up and you may need to quickly adapt to a change in perspective or concept.