Illinois Parent Coordinator

illinois parenting coordinatorAre you a parent in a high conflict divorce? An Illinois Parenting Coordinator can help!

What Is An Illinois Parenting Coordinator?

An Illinois parenting coordinator assists parents in creating a healthy co-parenting relationship by reducing conflict and helping parents make decisions for the children’s best interest.

Who Needs An Illinois Parenting Coordinator?

You may need Illinois parenting coordination if you:

– are in a high conflict divorce
– have continuing fights over parenting decisions for your children
– experience trouble communicating with your ex-spouse
– are facing ongoing litigation regarding issues around the children and the divorce

How Does a Illinois Parents Coordinator Help?

An Illinois parents coordinator helps resolve disputes, manage conflict, and improve communication skills with parents. He or she will seek to discover the challenges at hand, the needs of the children, and work with both parents to find creative solutions. The goal is to help both parents work together in a way that reduces the negative impact on the children. By reducing the conflict and teaching co-parenting skills, the parenting coordinator helps promote better parent/child relationships.

What Issues Do Illinois Parent Coordinators Assist With?

Illinois parenting coordination helps individuals deal with the day-to-day parenting issues they face post divorce. In addition to ensuring that the guidelines of the parenting agreement are behind upheld, a parent coordinator helps with ongoing issues as they arise.

Parents may experience conflict around decisions on visitation, schedules, discipline, vacation time, holidays, medical bills, extracurricular activity costs, religion and other issues affecting the children.

How Does Illinois Parenting Coordination Work?

Sometimes Illinois Parenting Coordinators are court appointed. Other times individuals may seek parents coordinator services voluntarily. A parenting coordinator may meet individually with each parent, together with both parents, or with the parents and children together. They will find out what conflicts are present, any situations that have occurred in the past, and help couples make decisions for the health and safety of the children.

In the case of a court ordered Illiinois Parenting Coordinator, they will be required to report back to the court about the case.

How Can I Find a Qualified Illinois Parenting Coordinator?

A professional parenting coordinator has specific training in family mediation. They also should have qualifications of being a certified family mediator, licensed mental health professional, or legal professional. Look for someone with experience in family mediation.

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