Is Divorce Mediation Worth It?

When people get married, divorce tends to be the last thing on their minds. They’re starting a new life together and they want to be happy. Unfortunately, divorce does happen. According to Forbes, 75% of the people who got divorced in recent years cited a lack of commitment as the main reason. However, rather than going through an acrimonious split, you may want to consider mediation services to see if they can part ways more amicably. Here are some thoughts on that.

It’s Inexpensive

When people get divorced, they probably hire attorneys right away before they know what they’re going to be taking from the divorce. This can get expensive in a hurry. Many lawyers bill by the hour, but some can work out other payment agreements. Using mediation services can ensure you know exactly what each party will be leaving with when the divorce is finalized. This can make meeting with the attorney go faster, which can cost you less money.

They Allow Divorcing Couples to Avoid Court

When people go to court for a divorce, they also have to pay for the use of the courtroom. That’s not the case when one uses mediation services. These services can ensure couples figure out what they are leaving with in a rational amount of time, so they don’t have to see the courtroom.

They Can Spark Open Dialogue

This doesn’t mean that using a mediator is like going to couples therapy. The dialogue that the couples should be having here is how to finalize the divorce in a way that both sides can agree on, including things like who should have custody of children.

Before the couple commits to mediation, they should consider the above things very carefully. If they think it would resolve the matter, then they should hire a professional mediator to help. A mediator can help settle things and help you move on with life.

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