Mediating Landlord/Tenant Disputes in Chicago IL

Landlord/tenant disputes in Chicago Illinois are some of the most common disagreements individuals encounter.  These disagreements may include arguments about rent, housing conditions, security deposits, damage to a property, and other issues that may arise during a tenant’s rental period.  Many landlords and tenants choose mediation to resolve landlord/tenant disputes in Chicago Illinois, due to its efficient, less expensive method of handling these disagreements.

Landlord/tenant disputes typically involve a few thousand dollars in damages, or the amount of money at the center of the disagreement.  Some disputes may involve more damages, of course, but most often, the size of damages in landlord/tenant disputes is relatively small when compared to other types of legal disputes.  Because of this, most parties would lose money if they filed a court case to have the matter resolved.  In most court cases, the parties must pay a fee to file a claim and other legal paperwork and hire an attorney.  If a $1000 security deposit is at stake, the parties will likely spend more than this fighting the case, especially if it lasts several weeks or months.

The costs involved with mediation are much lower, and the matter is often resolved in a single day.  A mediator helps the parties reach common ground in the dispute so that it may be finalized and settled.  The parties remain in control of their dispute, as mediators do not have any decision-making power.  The parties may create a solution to the case that is specifically tailored to their situation.  The parties may hire attorneys if they like, but attorney representation is not necessary to attend mediation.  This allows the parties to save hundreds of dollars as they work out their dispute.  Additionally, the filing of a claim in court is not necessary to schedule mediation.