Mediation for Pre-Decree Divorce in Chicago

Pre-decree divorce in Chicago addresses issues that must be resolved before a couple can officially terminate their relationship.  While post-decree divorce may be focused on isolated issues or enforcement of the divorce order, mediation for pre-decree divorce in Chicago focuses on the bigger picture.  It is often guided by the parties’ desire to maintain an amicable relationship and to avoid wasting marital assets on a contentious legal battle.  Some issues that may be resolved through this type of mediation include:

Shared Parenting Responsibilities and Parenting Time

If parents are unable to resolve how to allocate parenting responsibilities and parenting time issues without judicial intervention, the divorce case may be delayed for many months.  Illinois requires that these issues be resolved and any decisions regarding the children to be included in the divorce decree.  Pre-decree divorce mediation can help resolve these sensitive issues.  Illinois provides for great flexibility when making agreements about who makes decisions for the children and how parenting time is allocated. As long as the parenting schedulewould not harm the child, the parents can make virtually any agreement that works for them. Separate consideration is given to the right to make important decisions regarding the child, such as decisions regarding his or her religion, education and health.  Pre-decree mediation gives the parties the ability to make decisions regarding their own children rather than having the court determine these critical issues.

Financial Issues

Pre-decree mediation can also be used to help resolve financial matters, such as how to divide marital property and child support and spousal support matters.  Through deliberate consideration of these matters, the parties can negotiate these terms of their divorce.  The mediator may suggest ways that the parties may reach a fair settlement.  The mediator diligently works on one issue at a time until all necessary issues have been resolved.