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chicago mediationChicago Mediation

No one likes going to court especially when dealing with such an issue as divorce. The process places division of assets and child custody into the hands of a Judge, not you yet you are the best one to decide what works for your family situation.

Chicago mediation is an alternative to the traditional court process and by keeping your cool and showing respect it can be handled in an almost stress free manner. The beauty is that everything remains quiet. There is no court appearance. Like Vegas what occurs behind closed doors during the process stays behind closed doors. Confidentiality is guaranteed. That is a substantive benefit.

Chicago Mediation Requires Cooperation

In preparation for mediation there are a number of attitudes that must be considered. Ultimately the kids come first which is one of the reasons for selecting the method. The decision is yours. Another critical aspect is simply be nice. The goal is to achieve a common ground and the best method for success is to give, not to take.

Couples Seek Chicago Mediation Because The Costs of a Traditional Divorce Can Be Very High

Divorce as we are aware can be extremely expensive depending upon the situation. The mediation process can be less expensive. Mediation attorneys generally establish a fee then proceed. Divorce attorneys proceed then based upon the situation determine the fees. You have no idea of the total bill until it is completed. No surprises that’s a good thing.

As they say, time is money so if the mediation process is less expensive then it must quicker than a traditional divorce. Like so much however saving time is dependent upon you. The paperwork and the documentation requires a collection effort on your part. Delaying the paperwork delays the process. So yes, it can be faster but the timing is largely dependent on receiving the proper documents from you. Help me, help you!

The Six Stages of the Chicago Mediation Process

The Mediation process is generally divided into six stages which evolve from financial discover to division of assets.

It works basically in this sequence.

The first step is to check the books to determine how to properly split the property, money etc. The Mediator will provide you with the required documents and usually assist in its collection

Stage 2 is perhaps the most important. It helps develop a parenting plan that encompasses everything from kindergarten to high school. Mediators are happy to assist.

Stage 3 follows right along with stage 2 and involves the determination of child support. This will be developed with results from the previous stage.

Stage 4 takes care of the spouse from a financial perspective. An agreement will be worked out insuring that everyone receives their fair share.

Stage 5 is the real fun part because this is where assets are divided. Again the Mediation Team will insure equality.

Remember there is a reasonable alternative to the traditional divorce with mediation. The power struggle is gone. The matter is private and personal. The Chicago mediation team works to insure the agreement is done timely, amiable and places those most impacted in control. While divorce can’t be stress free mediation eases the pain.

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