Child Custody Mediation

Child Custody Mediation

Child custody mediation provides help to divorcing parents in making a parenting plan.

What Child Custody Mediation Is

If you and your spouse are having a difficult time deciding on child custody and visitation, then child custody mediation can help. Naturally when you think of not being able to see your children everyday it’s hard to want to let go. When the children are caught in the middle of a parents tug of war it can be emotionally damaging. Having a peaceful way to put the kids interests first when making decisions during a divorce is critical. That’s why having a mediator to help negotiate a parenting plan.

What a Parenting Plan Made Through Child Custody Mediation Includes

When a couple separates, there are many details they must decide about how to co-parent their children after the divorce. Sometimes because of the emotions involved to come to agreement on these terms. It basically describes how each of the parents will make decisions, share responsibilities, split expenses in regards to the children. It’s important to have both parents actively working together to shape the parenting plan.

The parenting plan is a legally binding document that details how divorced parents will split time, parenting responsibilities and financial obligations for their children.

Here are the common elements of a parenting plan that can be drafted during child custody mediation.

Physical custody and residential schedule, visitation schedule, holiday plans, special occasions, school vacations, transportation, education, medical costs, school activities and more.

Why Child Custody Mediation Is Sometimes Needed Post Divorce

Sometimes as the children grow situations change that require an adjustment in the current parenting agreement. Meeting with a mediator for child custody mediation allows for parents to makes changes in the parenting agreement as necessary. For instance the need for braces or desire to participate in an expensive sport may require negotiations among the parents. In many states it’s court ordered that parents with disputes mediate an issue first before considering litigation to resolve it. Plus parents are usually more satisfied with a mediated solution then a court mandated one.

How Child Custody Mediation Works

Both parents need to agree to work together to create the parenting plan. Then they make a list of the outstanding issues they still need to reach agreement on. The mediator will one by one work through the issues hearing each parents views. Then he will help the parents negotiate to create a solution that meets the children’s best interests.

Learn More About Child Custody Mediation

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