Family Law and Mediation

family law and mediation
Family Law and Mediation

The court may provide opportunities for parents to resolve disputes around child custody, visitation, removal and financial disputes for family law and mediation.

Family Law and Mediation Works – Here’s Why

Parents are in the best position to understand their children’s needs and make the best decisions. Therefore, empowering parents to work together to make decisions that put the children first is important. Allowing a judge to decide doesn’t always result in a decision that best benefits the children. In a family law and mediation situation, the parents agree to work together to resolve issues regarding the children.

Family Law and Mediation – How Mediation Works

The parents agree to meet with the mediator in private family law and mediation sessions. They usually meet in a private, confidential setting in the mediator’s office. Both parties agree to voluntarily work out their disputes regarding child custody, visitation, finances and removal using the mediation process.

The trained mediation professional helps the couple to understand the ground rules for mediation (respect, no name calling, no interrupting etc).

During the family law and mediation session, each parent is asked to explain their point of view on the issues. The family mediator’s role is to facilitate the negotiation process once each parent’s views have been voiced. The mediator remains neutral and helps ensure that the communication is effective and positive.

After each side has shared their views, the family mediator helps them engage in creative problem solving to create a solution that puts the children’s needs first. This may involve some negotiation as they come up with, adjust, and finalize ideas.

The final agreement can be drafted into a legal document which can then be submitted to court to become legally binding.

Advantages of Family Law and Mediation Versus Court Litigation

– Kids needs are put first, thus maximizing their benefit and minimizing the negative, emotional impact
– Win/Win solutions are created that both parents agree to
– Money is saved with the reduced cost of family mediation versus hiring lawyers for a litigated court battle on the matter
– Positive adjustments in custody, visitation, removal and finances can be decided and implemented more quickly
– Confidentiality is maintained by keeping the matter off the public record
– Communication skills are gained that help the parents maintain more positive future communication on issues regarding the children

Family Law and Mediation – Choosing a Mediator

A judge may provide a list of court approved mediators for the parents to choose from. Alternatively, the parents may choose from a list of private mediators. CEL and Associates is frequently referred by lawyers and judges in the greater Chicagoland area. Their reputation for excellence earns then referrals from their colleagues for family law and mediation cases.

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