Marriage Mediations

Marriage Mediations

Need marriage mediations to iron out your differences? Learn more about marriage mediations below.

What are marriage mediations? If your marriage is breaking and you want solutions to solve your problems fast, marriage mediations can help. Marriage mediation services are a process by which married couples can quickly identify problems they are experiencing, brainstorm ideas to solve those challenges, and create solutions to solve those issues.

How marriage mediations differ from marriage counseling

In marriage counseling, a therapist works with a couple to understand the conflict and the underlying dynamics at play. A lot of focus is placed on discovering the issues, why they have occurred, exploring feelings, understanding each other, and learning more effective communication. Much of the emphasis of marriage counseling is focused on understanding the problem.

In marriage mediations, rather then deep exploration of the problem, couples are put on the fast track to solving the issues. With the help of a neutral third party facilitator, couples are led through negotiations designed to create win/win solutions. The result is compromises that make both parties happy.

Benefits of marriage mediations

Marriage mediations can save a broken relationship. The marriage mediations process can create solutions to recurring issues. It helps couples to stop fighting, and repair their problems. It can create results fast, often in just a few short sessions. By contrast marriage counseling can take weeks or months. When parents fight, it hurts the children too. By healing a wounded marriage, it heals the hearts of the children affected as well. Finally, marriage mediations teach couples how to communicate more effectively. By learning how to listen, share feelings, and understand one another it makes it easier to deal with conflict.

Signs you need marriage mediations

If you are fighting regularly and having trouble having a conversation to resolve the issue.
If your family is becoming divided because of conflict
If a recent traumatic event has caused pain in your relationship
If you feel stuck in a rut that you can’t move past
If you feel like you are close to a divorce and want to give your marriage a last try

Experience the difference marriage mediations can make

If you live in the Chicago area and would like to give marriage mediations a try, we’d like to help. CEL and Associates helps couples like yourself with caring and compassion. Contact us today at 866-922-4733 to find out more about how marriage mediations can help you. Or visit us online to locate the office closest to you. CEL and Associates has has several locations throughout Chicago, the North and Northwestern suburbs, as well as Southeastern Wisconsin.

Marriage Mediations Can Put Your Relationship Back on Track