Mediation Conflict Resolution

Mediation Conflict Resolution

If you have a dispute and are seeking a quick, easy solution, consider mediation conflict resolution. When there is a conflict between two parties it can cause a lot of tension. It’s like an emotional tug of war. Anything you can do to resolve the conflict and restore peace is a welcome relief.

Mediation Conflict Resolution Is Highly Effective for Alternative Dispute Resolution

We live in a pretty litigious society. If something wrong happens someone immediately says “Take them to court!” But is court always the best option? Today there are alternative ways to resolve disputes that can help individuals avoid the strain and costs of the court process. Type “mediation” into Google and you’ll see 51,000,000 results. Mediation conflict resolution is becoming a popular way for people to solve disputes.

Why The Rise in Mediation Conflict Resolution?

Word of mouth is spreading about mediation conflict resolution, especially in the arena of divorce mediation. It used to be if you wanted a divorce your only option was to hire opposing lawyers and settle the matters in court. Now a buzz is spreading about the ease and affordability of mediation as an effective form of conflict resolution for marriage mediation, divorce mediation, and family mediation.

Financial Benefits of Using Mediation Conflict Resolution to Settle Disputes

In these hard financial times, many couples are finding it difficult to afford a divorce. Debts are at an all time high. Housing costs are rising. Unemployment is affecting millions of Americans. And when a couple decides to end a marriage it can present a financial challenge. Not only in affording the divorce proceedings, but also in surviving financially on a smaller budget. That’s why the cost savings of mediation can be so significant. Many mediators have hourly fees significantly lower than that of divorce lawyers. Additionally, mediation conflict resolution can often be completed in just a few sessions. Comparatively, divorce court may run on for several months. So what would you rather pay…. $5000 or less in mediation fees or $25,000 or so in divorce lawyer fees? The money saved in the mediation conflict resolution process can help individuals as they start their new single life.

Mediation Conflict Resolution Assures Personal Privacy

There’s nothing more embarrassing then airing your dirty laundry in court. Worse yet is having details of your private affairs becoming public record. So finding a conflict resolution process that is confidential can bring great peace of mind. The benefit of using mediation conflict resolution is that it’s a 100% private and confidential process. Anything you share in a mediation session cannot be shared.

Effective Communication Skills Are Taught During Mediation Conflict Resolution

One of the problems that often occurs during a conflict is a breakdown in communication. Mediators are highly trained in effective communication skills. During the mediation conflict resolution process the participants are led to listen, share, understand, and remove negative emotion. These key skills can help the participants post mediation/divorce. Particularly in the example of divorcing parents, having the ability to get past anger, talk about issues with the children, and reach a joint agreement is so very important.

Mediation Conflict Resolution Putting Kids First In Family and Divorce Issues

When someone is caught in the emotion of a problem, it’s hard to look past their own pain and frustration and think of the needs of others. That’s why having the outside neutral assistance of a trained mediator during conflict resolution is vital. Kids are often the biggest victims in a divorce. Their world is ripped apart as they face a change in their family and living situation. Learning to adjust to the change can be difficult. Mediation conflict resolution helps the participants ensure that any decisions made have carefully been considered and their consequences of the children.

CEL and Associates Helps Couples and Families with Mediation Conflict Resolution

Brian James, Ellen Barron Feldman, and Sharel Shindler are mediators at Chicago based CEL and Associates. They specialize in family law mediation including divorce mediation, pre-decree divorce mediation, post-decree divorce mediation, marital mediation. Our firm’s goal is to compassionately mediate families through times of life-altering transition and change occurring with separation and divorce. So whether you are facing an unresolved dispute within your marriage or wish to use mediation conflict resolution for your divorce, we can help.

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