Mediation Cook County Illinois

mediation cook county illinois

Mediation Cook County Illinois

Divorce mediation is basically a process where a wife and husband sit  down and they both try to come to-an agreement regarding the disputes  they have by using services of a professional well trained neutral party also called a mediator. The mediation process is among the most commonly used methods-of negotiating divorce settlements. In a divorce mediation Cook County Illinois, you and your spouse, and in certain cases, both of your respective attorneys, hire a neutral 3rd party to meet with both of you in order to discuss & resolve the disputes/issues in the divorce. The mediator does not make any decisions for either of you, but he/she serves as the facilitator to help you figure out what is best.

Mediation Process for Cook County Illinois Couples Seeking Divorce

Though each mediator has his/her own approach to the mediation process, most tend to move-along similar lines. You usually begin with a simple phone call where you speak with a mediator and then provide background information regarding your marriage, family, and the disputes you have. Some mediators may want a great deal-of information before starting the mediation process, while there are others who prefer to gather the information in your 1st meeting with everyone present.

You will then attend the 1st meeting with a mediation Cook County Illinois, often held in a comfortable office or a conference room, where a mediator will clearly explain what can be expected from the entire process. For example, a mediator may inform you that all of you will be present in the same-room during the entire mediation process or that you will meet in separate-sessions so that he/she can get all your views in private. A mediator can also take care-of the housekeeping business by, for example asking you to sign an-agreement which says that you will keep what is said or discussed in the mediation, private and confidential, and you fully understand that he/she cannot disclose anything that goes on the mediation process if there is a court proceeding later-on.

A Divorce Mediation Lawyer Cook County Illinois Professional Can Be An Excellent Resource


At one point, either during or before the mediation, you can consult an attorney regarding your legal rights. It is a good idea for you to have a brief-consultation with a trained legal adviser before the mediation process.

A lawyer can:

  -Evaluate all your options. Before starting the mediation, a legal adviser can help you in selecting a mediator, and persuading your spouse/wife to mediate.

 -Act as an adviser. During the mediation process, a lawyer can act as your law-coach on an as needed-basis. Between the sessions, you may consult  with the lawyer to clarify any questions and in preparing for further negotiations. A good attorney will coach you good negotiating techniques and will help you think-up some creative solutions which you can propose during your session with a mediation Cook County Illinois.

 -Predict costs and outcomes. An attorney may also help in predicting the range of possible-legal outcomes. Knowing all the possible outcomes may be very helpful for a successful negotiation.

-Review agreements. A lawyer may review written agreements which have been prepared by a mediator to ensure that they say what you want them to say and that they will be legally-binding once they are signed.

 -A lawyer can also help you in preparing court documents if necessary.

Benefits of Mediation Cook County Illinois Services Versus Traditional Divorce:

 -Mediation is less expensive compared to court trials or hearings.

 -Most mediations usually end in a settlement-of all of the disputes/issues in the divorce.

 -Mediation is basically confidential, with no public-record of anything that goes-on in the sessions.

 -Mediation will allow you to reach a resolution that is based on your very own ideas of what’s fair in the situation, instead of having a solution being imposed upon you that is based on rigid & impersonal legal principles.

 -You both get to control the process.

-The mediation process usually improves communication between you & your spouse/wife, thus helping you avoid further future conflicts.

Overall, the process of mediation Cook County Illinois professionals will make your divorce a smoother process.

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