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Why to Consider Mediation Kenosha Versus a Traditional Divorce

In the last few years, mediation has become an effective way to resolve disputes among couples. However, people who consider using mediation Kenosha also want to know what the whole process offers. Although mediation does not guarantee any specific results, it is still a much better alternative to a conventional divorce. Let us explain some of the most common benefits of mediation Kenosha services for couples parting ways.

Legal Cost Savings Are Huge When Using Mediation Kenosha Providers

On an average, a mediated divorce includes several sessions. The cost of a mediator may range between $1000 to $2000. After some sessions, the process concludes with a negotiated agreement. The agreement resolves child support issues, parenting plans, property distribution and alimony. Most of the time, a mediated divorce costs less than $4000. However, there may be some separate legal fees. On the other hand, a conventional divorce can be easily litigated for up to five years. Thus, the cost of a conventional divorce may be more than $20000. Once you consider these basic time and cost savings, it will be clear that mediation Kenosha is the perfect alternative to conventional divorce.

Mediation Kenosha Saves A Lot of Time

There’s no reason to choose prolonged court battles, when you can easily end your marriage between 4 to 12 sessions with a mediator. Every session will just take a few hours and provide ultimate agreement on support, custody and property distribution. In simple words, a mediated divorce settlement is easily possible within months. If you’ve already decided to part ways, there’s no harm in reaching the end result quickly.

Participants of Mediation Kenosha Are Bound with Future Commitment to Agreement

Most of the conventional divorces experience a very high rate of failure in settlements. In fact, according to some statistics, more than half of conventional divorce settlements are subject to litigation within the first two years of divorce. Due to the stress caused by litigation, some parties may even back into corners and find themselves agreeing to certain positions they are unable to tolerate later in life. Thus, they can never be fully committed.

On the other hand, mediated divorces always enjoy a much higher rate of commitment and compliance to agreements. This is because mediated agreements are obtained voluntarily. They are signed by willing participants who engage in an open and active process. Only 5% of mediation Kenosha agreements are subject to litigation in future.

Better Communication During and After Separation is a Definite Advantage of Mediation Kenosha

Mediation keeps providing benefits even after the divorce. When mediation is used, divorced parents are able to cooperate and even facilitate custody arrangements without any problems. Mediation allows people to communicate in a much better way regarding childcare issues. Mediation also encourages cordial, respectful, professional and problem-solving behavior. All these traits help divorced parents resolve any issues later in life. In mediation divorce, couples communicate with each other and lawyers perform only some menial tasks. Due to this, individuals are able to build a strong foundation upon which they carry on with post-divorce communication.

As compared to a conventional divorce, a mediation Kenosha proceeding focuses on cooperative problem solving. It addresses the needs of every involved party. Although mediation Kenosha services can be used for many different kinds of conflicts, it is particularly beneficial in the context of family disputes and divorce.

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