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mediation lake countyMediation Lake County

Divorce mediation Lake County provides less stressful separation

Anyone living in Lake County, Chicago, or any other place in the US, and has gone through divorce, will know how stressful the process is. You hire lawyers who send you bill for everything they do for you, and friends and family members on the two sides will be struggling to come on top of the benefits ladder. Getting mediation Lake County is the best option for any couple that wants to skip the divorce terror and find a better way to agree on issues of debt, child custody, mortgage and more. Still not sure why you should hire mediators? Here are important tips to educate you.

5 Reasons Why Mediation Lake County is the Better Way

1) Cheaper than a lawsuit – If you’re having a lawsuit the two of you will have to hire two different attorneys that will charge you for every little thing they do for you. This can be hard for the both of you paying for expenses after expenses. But, in a mediation, the two of you only have to pay one mediator; which can cost between $25 – $300 per hours, depending on the service firm or the complexity of the situation.

2) Couples make the decisions – In the proper sense, mediation is a personal event and not a legal activity. Which means that couples get to make the best and mot suitable decisions involving every aspect of their lives. The decisions they make at the mediation empowers them to take complete charge of their situation; and final decisions will usually reflect their personal values and beliefs. This is a total contrast to lawsuit situations where everything is determined by elements of the legal system.

3) The children are protected – In any divorce situation children will always be at the losing end. However, this is much worse if the couple goes through a bitter litigation that usually bring up pockets of disagreements, violence and conflict. Couples who resort to mediation lake county, will have better relationships that can help them raise the kids properly. This will also reduce the emotional and psychological stress children go through during bitter divorce proceedings.

4) Mediation is faster – During mediation different aspects of divorce e.g. child custody and spousal support will take different times to complete. But, generally, most mediation can be completed within four to nine sessions. This will help reduce costs, and couples are not limited by the delays caused by their attorneys – due to other court engagements.

5) Long term benefits – Due to the fact that most divorce couples have children, they will always require communicating with each other, even after a very long time of separation. Mediation sessions usually involve plenty of talks, communication and discussions; where couples get to learn how to effectively communicate with each other.

Let our Mediation Lake County Make Your Divorce Easier

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