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mediation waukeganMediation Waukegan

Advantage of using mediation for Waukegan Divorces

Divorce mediation Waukegan helps a divorcing couple make decisions about what’s best for them as well as their children. In mediation Waukegan , the couple meets the mediator , a neutral party , who will help them work through each issue that needs to be resolved so that your marriage can end in the most amicable and cost-effective way possible.

Issues covered in divorce mediation may include distribution of assets and liabilities, child maintenance or support, child custody, parenting time and retirement. In mediation Waukegan, the mediator helps the couple to reach to agreements on these issues. In some cases, the agreements may be reached easily while in some they may take a lot of time and work. When a couple is unable to reach to any agreement, it requires the intervention of a mediator.

The mediator is tasked with keeping lines of communication between the spouses open, brainstorming ideas, taking reality test on the couple, teaching empathy and guiding them through the process of making decisions. Mediators help the couple to remain focused on issues being resolved, so that they don’t get off track. If such a couple’s attention is diverted from the issues during mediation, it may result in arguments, name-calling or bad prior memories being brought up.

Mediation Waukegan is Private, Confidential and Improves Communication

It offers a way for both of you to solve conflicts in a manner that will enable you cooperate as parents for your children’s sake. This is particularly crucial if you have to interact with your spouse after the divorce when providing maintenance and care for your children. Plus, mediation Waukegan makes it possible for the couple to communicate with each other which will be helpful when there are issues relating to the children that must be discussed. While the divorce may partly have been due to lack of communication, mediation Waukegan can help the couple start communicating again even if it is only for their children’s sake. It can also help them have a better post-divorce relationship than the married one.

Mediation Waukegan is Neutral and Benefits Both of You

The divorce mediator is a neutral party and can’t work for either of the parties. The mediator therefore cannot advise any of them and must be neutral throughout the whole process. What they can do is assist the couple to formulate ideas that could help them reach agreements regarding the issues of concern. The open communication provides an environment where the divorcing couple can share ideas both freely and confidently. Since both parties are working with similar information, it often takes lesser time to agree on a resolution that is satisfactory to each of them.

Mediation Waukegan is voluntary and will continue as long the three parties i.e. the divorcing couple and mediator want it. Mediations may be carried out weekly, every fortnight or monthly but it all depends with how often the divorcing couple would like them to be. The length of divorce mediation depends with the issues that have been agreed before mediation Waukegan and those that have to be tackled during mediation Waukegan. In addition, it will depend with the couple’s willingness to reach agreements that both parties deem equitable and in their children’s best interest.

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