Online Mediation

Online Mediation

Discover What Online Mediation is and How it Can Benefit You in Your Divorce.

In a divorce couples have a few options they can consider. They can hire separate lawyers to litigate. However a growing number of individuals are choosing to mediate the divorce and use the help of a divorce mediator to decide the terms of the divorce themselves.

Many couples may be aware of mediation as an option for a friendly divorce, but few are probably aware of the online mediation options available. These days technology makes it possible for people filing for a divorce to work out their differences using online mediation with a divorce mediator that is remotely located. Now, you aren’t limited to the divorce mediation service firms in your geographic area. Online mediation means a couple in Southern Illinois can work with a reputable Chicago divorce mediator through online mediation.

What is Online Mediation

In traditional divorce mediation, a couple meets with a divorce mediator in an office setting. The divorce mediator is physically there to lead the proceedings and help the couple negotiate the terms of the divorce. In online mediation, the couple meets virtually either on a phone conference line or through a video conference service such as Skype. The advantage of using a video conference service for online mediation is that the divorce mediator can take advantage of physical cues he sees from the individuals during the process.

Advantages of Online Mediation

A mediator assists a couple in reaching their own agreements. Here are some of the benefits of doing online mediation versus traditional in person mediation.

– It’s convenient. You don’t have to drive.

– It’s comfortable. Less nerve wrecking then having to drive to an office.

– It’s flexible. You can meet through online mediation with a divorce mediator located in any part of the country.

– It’s confidential. Online mediation allows you to meet privately in the convenience of your home to sort out your items in conflict.

Types of Issues That Online Mediation Can Handle

Just like traditional divorce mediation, online mediation can resolve a number of outstanding divorce items in conflict. Individuals can reach compromise on divorce terms that then can be written into a formal divorce agreement and presented in court.

For example, here are items online mediation could address:

– How to divide property such as vehicles, furniture, vacation properties, collectibles
– Best ways to split debts
– Agreements on what type of custody is arranged for the kids
– Alimony payments (if any)
– Which person gets which vehicles
– Whether it’s best to sell or keep the family residential home
– Terms of a parenting agreement

Online Mediation is an Excellent Alternative to Litigation

It saves couples money. It helps them end the divorce without as much fighting, insults and pain. Plus online mediation can ensure that as decisions are being made the couple is considering how it will affect the children. Online mediation can truly help couples at any stage of the divorce process whether you are just filing for divorce, in the middle of it, or even post divorce. In fact online mediation can be an excellent tool to resolve post divorce parenting disputes and avoid taking them to court.

Discover the Advantage of Online Mediation for Yourself

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