Mediator Chicago

Mediator Chicago

mediator chicagoFind out how a mediator Chicago can end your dispute without going to court.

Dispute resolution the easy way, introducing what a mediator Chicago can do It used to be when two parties disagreed that taking the matter to court was your only option. But today, hiring a mediator Chicago is a fast, affordable way to end conflict.

Why a Mediator Chicago Is The Better Solution

Court cases are not a fun experience for anyone. Court can drag on for weeks or months. Hiring lawyers is expensive. Plus, the stress of court can really wear on your nerves. Not to mention the fate of your matter solely lies at the discretion of the judge. Today individuals are realizing that hiring a mediator Chicago is a much smarter option.

Here’s 5 few reasons why Hiring a Mediator Chicago is Beneficial

  1. Cost – A mediator Chicago costs thousands less then hiring a lawyer to represent your matter in court
  2. Quick – Mediation is a fast, easy process. Often a mediator Chicago can negotiate terms for an agreement in just a few sessions. On the contrary, court is a long drawn out process.
  3. Control – Working with a mediator Chicago puts the control in your hands. When both parties work together to shape the decision, it ensures that the final agreement is a win/win solution.
  4. Privacy – What happens in the office of a mediator Chicago is 100% confidential. When a matter is taken to court, what is said can be made public record. So if privacy is important, working with a mediator ensures that will occur.
  5. Convenience – A mediator Chicago schedules mediation sessions when it’s convenient for you. Court dates have a hard date that you have little or no say over.

What Happens in a Session with Mediators Chicago

Are you curious about how the process of working with a mediator Chicago works? Both parties agree to cooperate to resolve the dispute. Then, with the help of a neutral third party mediator, they meet in several sessions to work through the issues. In the first session the ground rules are laid out. Both parties agree to follow the rules of conduct. Then the list of issues to be mediated is determined. One by one the mediator Chicago discusses each issue. Each party is led to share their feedback. A discussion is held around that issue. The mediator Chicago helps the parties negotiate until an agreement is reached.

A Mediator Chicago Solves Disputes in Many Areas for Business and Personal Disputes

Traditionally, mediation has been used to end disputes in the corporate arena. However, many are now turning to a mediator Chicago to end personal conflict as well. For example marriage mediation can help resolve conflicts that are breaking down a relationship. Divorce mediation helps couples draft a divorce agreement and create a friendly divorce. Family mediation helps dissolve disputes among family members in issues around parenting, family estates, family businesses, elder care and more.

Put the Power of a Mediator Chicago To Work for You

At CEL and Associates a professional mediator Chicago will help resolve your dispute fast. Whether it’s a martial, divorce, family or corporate dispute, our mediation services can create a win/win solution. Call our mediation services firm at 866-922-4733 today. We have offices conveniently located throughout the Chicago area to serve you. Or visit us online at

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