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Mediator Libertyville Services – what parties are involved and types of cases handled

Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution in which parties sit across from each other to solve a conflict with the help of a third party. The third party in this case goes by names such as mediator and facilitator. The process usually involves two parties, but there are some situations in which four or even five groups are involved. As a rule, a mediator Libertyville or other mediation professional needs to be neutral where the parties or the subject matter is involved. It is also important for them to be able to understand the issue causing conflicts at an advanced level, although this is not important if the warring sides project a passable level of trust.

How mediation works

All the parties embroiled in a conflict need to agree on a specific mediator before the process starts. The role of the mediator is not to make a decision or read out a ruling like a judge; it is to oversee the deliberations between those involved. They explain the issue at hand, avoiding bias and providing ways out of every conundrum.

Facilitators in most mediation situations here in Illinois deal with a wide range of cases across the board. Below are some of the types of cases a mediator Libertyville would oversee.

  • Family disputes – These cases cover a wide spectrum and could involve domestic wrangles, disagreements over property or conflict of interest regarding responsibilities.
  • Neighborhood disputes – Mediators handle cases involving the use of shared services, trespassing by individuals and pets as well as issues relating to noise. Cases involving destruction of property also feature prominently, and the mediators role in a situation like this becomes even more important because a sense of calm needs to be restored for peaceful co-existence.
  • Workplace disagreements – At the workplace, employers may feel hard done by the decisions of the employer. Cases involving the cancellation of contracts before expiry always elicit hard feelings. Employers also find themselves the victim of complacency and unrealistic demands by workers. In this scenario, everyone feels aggrieved, and the mediator tries to help the two parties reach a common ground .

    Industrial strikes and protests are a great example of cases handled through the involvement of a third party.

  • Conflicts between tenants and property owners – Tenants have a responsibility towards each other and their landlords. When issues involving noise, destruction of property and complications with lease agreements crop up, a third party moves in to help them understand what the lay of the land is and what needs to be done to restore order.

Benefits of mediation

Costs – Hiring a mediator Libertyville is one of the cheapest ways of solving a conflict. In most cases, no lawyers are involved at all and contrary to regular court procedures, the two (or more) parties get to split the cost of the deliberations.

Time involved – Legal procedures are complicated and time-consuming. However, mediation only requires the consent of the groups involved, and this sets the conflict on the road to resolution.

Working with a Mediator Libertyville provider puts the parties firmly in control

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The mediator Libertyville professional is merely an observer when it comes to deliberations. The sparring groups determine the direction of the various meetings. In a legal situation, the onus to make decisions lies solely with a judge.

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