Reconcilable Differences through a Divorce Mediator in Chicago – by Brian James

Just because a couple has decided that they no longer want to stay together does not mean that they must battle out their case in court.  This includes if they have “irreconcilable differences.” A divorce mediator in Chicago helps a couple have a smoother transition into divorce.  A divorce mediator in Chicago helps the parties reach an amicable settlement of their case so that they can move toward the next stage of their lives with confidence.  He or she does this in the following ways:

Creates an Atmosphere of Cooperation

Mediation is a structured process that encourages a non-confrontational and rational discussion about the interests of the parties and how a settlement can achieve these interests.  The parties are encouraged to communicate while being respectful of each other’s positions.

Proposes New Ideas

Often in a dispute, the parties may have tunnel vision and think that there is only one solution.  However, a mediator can help the parties brainstorm ideas that may help resolve their case.  He or she can also offer suggestions based on his or her experiences with other couples and what has worked in the past.

Doesn’t Take Sides

A mediator is an impartial third-party neutral who helps facilitate the exchange of ideas and helps reach an agreement between the parties.  In this role, he or she does not take sides and does not have any personal benefit by aligning with one side over the other.  His or her mission is to provide an empathetic position toward each party, provide objective information about available options and drawbacks to continuing litigation and to disseminate messages between the parties in a constructive manner.  He or she helps build trust with the parties so that they will feel comfortable sharing information that will ultimately help settle the case.