What Nobody Tells You About Being an Adult Child of Divorce – Written by Jenny Kutner, Senior Staff Writer at Mic

What Nobody Tells You About Being an Adult Child of Divorce Right before my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, an adult close to their relationship told my dad that he needed to get a divorce. That “adult” was none other than me, his then-22-year-old daughter. My dad’s relationship with my mom had started souring

Divorced Parent to Parent Transfers: How to Minimize Stress for Your Child – Written by Susan Boyan LMFT, Director of the Cooperative Parenting Institute

For children of divorce moving between homes is stressful enough without the transfers themselves being upsetting.  There are many ways in which parents can turn simple transfers into real nightmares.  If your transfers are unnecessarily stressful following these tips for minimizing your child’s parent-to-parent transfer:  General Tips Keep your child’s transfer as brief as possible

Divorce Or Stay? Parents Must Put Kids First Either Way – Written by Rosalind Sedacca, Divorce and Parenting Coach, Author

Stay together for the sake of the kids? Generations of miserable parents followed that advice, hoping their sacrifices would pay off for their children in the end. Many still believe that it’s the only option for parents stuck in a dead-end marriage. Based on my own personal experience, I have another perspective. Having been raised

10 Tips for Resolving Conflict Effectively – Written by Joyce Marter, Urban Balance

“Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.” ~William James Conflict is a normal and natural aspect of personal and professional relationships. As human beings, we are primed to respond to stress with a “fight” or “flee”

Manage Conflict Better Today With The UB Guide to Conflict Resolution – By Joyce Marter, LCPC

What Defines Conflict? The struggle between incompatible impulses, desires or principles. Myths About Conflict Harmony is normal and conflict is abnormal. There is only one right way to handle conflict. Good people don’t have disagreements. There is no conflict in healthy relationships. In conflict, somebody always gets hurt. The Truth About Conflict It is a