What Nobody Tells You About Being an Adult Child of Divorce – Written by Jenny Kutner, Senior Staff Writer at Mic

What Nobody Tells You About Being an Adult Child of Divorce Right before my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, an adult close to their relationship told my dad that he needed to get a divorce. That “adult” was none other than me, his then-22-year-old daughter. My dad’s relationship with my mom had started souring

How to Manage Anger -Written by Aaron Karmin LCPC

During arguments, sometimes one or more parties involved can overreact. An overreaction occurs when a precipitating factor triggers an exaggerated response. Therefore, when a person overreacts, it’s actually the result of a person’s perception of the situation. When these types of events occur, it usually brings some sort of inconvenience or disappointment that triggers underlying

Divorce Counseling: A Tool for a Successful Post-Divorce Life – By Dr. Deborah Hecker, Psychotherapist Specializing in Divorce Counseling

Divorce Counseling: A Tool for a Successful Post-Divorce Life Going through divorce alone certainly doesn’t provide any benefits, and trying to heal in isolation often prolongs the process and can increase depression and anxiety. People can and do handle divorce alone, but just as you wouldn’t undertake a cross-country road trip without GPS, divorce is

Beat Stress With UB’s Comprehensive Guide to Stress Management – Written by Joyce Marter, LCPC, Psychotherapist & Co-Owner of Urban Balance, LLC

Stress Overview: Some stress is good as it can sharpen our awareness and motivate us. But too much stress has a negative impact on our minds and bodies and can cause emotional, relational, and medical problems. Avoid negative ways to reduce stress that may actually cause more harm (i.e. drinking, smoking, over-eating, compulsive shopping, gambling,

Successfully Navigate Life Transitions – Written by Joyce Marter, LCPC

by Joyce Marter, LCPC Life is everchanging. Times of transition can exacerbate stress, even if they are positive transitions, like starting a new job, falling in love, or having a child. Life transitions can include changes in: Employment (new job, promotion, job loss, career change) School (starting, ending) Relationship status (starting a new relationship, going

Manage Conflict Better Today With The UB Guide to Conflict Resolution – By Joyce Marter, LCPC

What Defines Conflict? The struggle between incompatible impulses, desires or principles. Myths About Conflict Harmony is normal and conflict is abnormal. There is only one right way to handle conflict. Good people don’t have disagreements. There is no conflict in healthy relationships. In conflict, somebody always gets hurt. The Truth About Conflict It is a