The Benefits of Co-Mediation Divorce Mediation in Milwaukee WI

Most individuals have heard about the benefits of divorce mediation: it is less expensive than seeking assistance through the court system, it allows the parties to remain in control of the fate of their case, and the parties often part on amicable terms.  A lesser-known option, co-mediation divorce mediation in Milwaukee Wisconsin, is also available to assist these couples with finalizing the details of their divorce.  Co-mediation divorce mediation in Milwaukee Wisconsin carries many of the same benefits of standard mediation, with one important distinction: two mediators are used instead of one.

Co-mediation is especially beneficial where there are complex issues involved in a divorce.  For example, imagine that a couple owns and operates a business together.  The couple must determine how the business is affected by their divorce—should they sell it? Should one spouse buy the other spouse out? Is there any way the spouses may continue operating such a business? A divorce mediator may have little experience in settling these issues.  Therefore, it would be useful for the divorce mediator to seek the assistance of a business mediator so that all aspects of the issue may be addressed.  The business mediator will suggest solutions that the divorce mediator may not have offered.

Co-mediation may also help the parties settle their dispute more quickly.  Each mediator may discuss the issues separately with the parties.  In traditional mediation settings, the mediator must go back and forth between the parties and discuss a single issue at a time.  With co-mediation, however, the mediators may discuss multiple issues more quickly, increasing the efficiency of the session.

With the unique advantages of co-mediation, the parties are able to create comprehensive agreements to resolve their case.  An additional mediator provides the parties with additional options and solutions to their dispute.