The Role of the Divorce Mediation Service: What to Expect

Former spouses need to settle several important matters during a separation. Those matters may include but are not limited to custody, alimony, and division of assets. Unsurprisingly, those topics can be contentious for many soon-to-be divorcees, so they seek help from a divorce mediation service. Find out what mediation does and how it can help your situation by continuing below.

It’s a Neutral Facilitator

Divorces often become contentious because neither side believes the other side is playing fairly. Whenever a proposal is made, the other party may be inclined to disagree with it even if the terms are fair. It’s hard not to get blinded by emotion when you’re going through that type of process.

That’s a big part of why mediation services are so helpful. The primary purpose of a divorce mediation service is to work as a neutral facilitator. The mediator is there to help you and your former spouse end up on the same page by offering advice that benefits you both. Both parties may be more receptive to the advice provided by a mediator because they know it’s coming from an unbiased perspective.

It Can Reduce Costs by Eliminating the Need for Lawyers

Lengthy divorce proceedings can be physically, emotionally, and financially draining. Lawyers provide valuable services, but keeping up with their fees can be challenging. If you and your former spouse would rather not deal with the costs, then opting for mediation is a suitable alternative.

Mediation saves you money because it’s more likely to produce a resolution faster. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about potentially losing a fortune if the trial doesn’t turn out in your favor. From a financial perspective, settling a divorce through mediation makes more sense.

It Allows Former Couples to Resolve Issues at Their Pace

It’s also worth noting that a divorce mediation service is not obligated to follow any court, even if a judge recommends one for your case. The mediator works for you and your former spouse only. The two of you can go through the process at your desired pace, which can help both sides properly resolve all their issues.

According to TIME, researchers say a typical marriage has a 50% chance of becoming a permanent union. If your marriage ends in divorce, then remember that you can resolve outstanding issues with your spouse by working with a mediator. Get in touch with us today if you need the expertise of our services.