Tricks to Success with Resolving Landlord/Tenant Disputes in Chicago IL – by Brian James

Landlord/tenant disputes in Chicago Illinois can be disruptive to a living environment.  During heated moments, a landlord might threaten eviction.  A tenant may refuse to pay rent that the landlord depends on.  Mediation can often help parties resolve landlord/tenant disputes in Chicago Illinois in a peaceful manner.

Prior to mediation, it is important for both parties to seriously think about their goals for the mediation.  This does not need to be a narrow consideration, such as staying or going.  Instead, it could be living in an amicable environment or having greater assurances that a problem will be resolved in the future.

During the mediation process, the mediator first establishes ground rules regarding demonstrating mutual respect for each other.  Depending on the mediator, the parties and the situation, the parties may work primarily from private caucuses in which they meet with the mediator separate from the other party or in joint sessions where the parties and the mediator work together on an agreeable solution.  If the parties are in the same room together, it is important that they give the other party the opportunity to vent and express their own point of view.  By carefully listening and not taking the words as a personal attack, the parties may be able to get a better understanding of the other’s point of view.  The parties may even wish to explain that they understand the other’s key points and goals for the session.

A courteous exchange that discusses the reasons behind the dispute can often help enlighten the parties.  Having some case law or other research that supports a party’s position can also have a huge impact on the results achieved in mediation.  A mediator can often help bridge the gap between parties so that they are actually able to reach a compromise.