Typical Disruptive Landlord/Tenant Disputes in Chicago Illinois

Landlord/tenant disputes in Chicago Illinois can lean to turmoil and expensive litigation.  Some of the most common landlord/tenant disputes in Chicago Illinois include:

Ordinance Violations

Many landlord/tenant disputes may arise because local laws or building codes are violated.  An unhappy tenant may contact the local building authority to complain about violations of local building codes.  Tenants may contact law enforcement because of noise violations or parking issues.  Rather than being liable for these issues, the landlord may respond by initiating eviction proceedings against the tenant.

Property Damage

Another common problem between landlords and tenants is property damage that occurred during the tenancy.  The deposit may not be sufficient to cover the damage left by a tenant, and the landlord may sue him or her in small claims court.  However, tenants may challenge these assertions and state that the property was already damaged when they moved in.

Unrepaired Facilities

Tenants may be unhappy with landlords who do not properly maintain the facility.  The landlord may have failed to correct a problem with the unit’s heating or cooling system, eradicate pests, fix leaks or take other action to keep the premises safe and in good repair.


Other disputes may arise because a tenant fails to pay rent.  He or she may have a financial setback, such as a recent illness or job loss.  A tenant may not agree with a recent increase in rent and may only pay the amount of rent before an increase.  The landlord may have failed to make promised repairs, and the tenant may be withholding rent until these repairs are made.

A landlord/tenant dispute lawyer can discuss available options with you.