Useful Tips before Heading into Divorce Mediation in Chicago

Divorce mediation in Chicago is an alternative to a bitter and contentious divorce.  It allows you to work through legal issues with your spouse with a cooperative spirit.  Some tips to keep in mind before heading to divorce mediation in Chicago include:

Be Patient 

Divorce mediation may take many hours or possibly even days.  However, the time you put into it is well worth it.  The decisions you make during this process are important and may impact you for many years to come so it is worth the time to carefully consider them.  At the beginning of mediation, you and your spouse may be very far apart and have very different ideas of what is fair.  However, a skilled mediator should be able to uncover interests and recommend solutions that may satisfy both of you.

Plan Ahead 

Because mediation can take a long time, it is important that you plan ahead.  Consider bringing reading material or electronics to keep yourself occupied while the mediator is talking to the other side.  If you may get hungry, bring some light snacks.  The last thing you want is to let your hunger put you in a bad mood.

Understand the Process 

Before mediation, make sure that you have a clear understanding of the mediation process.  Ask your divorce lawyer to discuss this process and what you can expect.  Your lawyer may have a strategy in mind for making the most of this process, such as introducing specific evidence or arguments to support the strengths of your case.

Be Open 

Mediation is a confidential process.  As such, parties talk to the mediator and each other in a private setting.  Even if the parties do not ultimately reach a settlement, nothing that was discussed during the mediation process can be shared unless the parties come to agreement on any or all issues.  For this reason, the parties should feel free to be honest and share information with the mediator throughout the process.