What To Expect During Divorce Mediation When Children are Involved

Divorce mediation doesn’t have to be cumbersome or even stressful. While 75% of children who have divorced parents live with their mother, divorce mediation can benefit both parents who are working to create a stable and loving atmosphere for their children. Let’s delve into what to expect during divorce mediation when there are children involved.

Children Will Have Questions

When it comes down to what to expect during divorce mediation and you have children, they’re going to have questions. Chances are the first question they will have is about why the divorce is happening in the first place. Children will also want to know how their lives will change. Which parent will they live with? Who will pay their bills and attend those extracurricular activities they may have after school? Many divorce attorneys meet with children and offer comfort as well as support to them.

A divorce mediator may also be a person who can help answer the questions that a child has. It’s important to remember that just as your life is changing during this divorce, so are the lives of your kids. You may want to consider taking the time to answer all questions as honestly as you can. Many times, you as a parent don’t know. There is no need to lie or hide what you feel. Openness always wins. Allow your divorce mediator to assist when it comes to answering some of the questions that your child has.

Your Mediator May Want to Speak With Your Children

As you wonder what to expect during divorce mediation with your minor children, you may find that the mediator may as to schedule a few meetings with your kids. Sometimes, children are able to open up to a party outside of their family. You may find that the child has been having feelings of sadness but did not express those feelings to you. You may also find that the child is a bit apprehensive to attend school, social gatherings, or even participate in activities that they once did.

Divorce mediation services can not only support you as the divorcing party but your child as well. Many young children are able to express their desires and feelings through drawings and play. Your divorce mediator may schedule a few playdates so that they can see how the child is matriculating into a lifestyle with divorced parents. Mediators can be great third parties that help you communicate with your child more effectively.

A Different Perspective

Have you ever asked a friend their opinion about an issue you are having? Perhaps you are having a problem with a family member and you discuss the issue with your friend. Oftentimes, that friend can present you with a different perspective that you may not have previously thought of. Such is the same when it comes down to what to expect during divorce mediation with a child.

We present you with all aspects of what to expect during divorce mediation, alongside you raising your children. Let us help. Not only can we answer divorce mediation questions, but we will work tirelessly for the best possible outcome for all involved. Connect with us today.