When Should You Seek Divorce Mediation?

Count to 36. During that time span, someone got divorced, according to LegalJobs. While it may seem like too many people are throwing away marriages in acrimonious court cases, there are times when they can take it into their own hands by having someone do divorce mediating.

When Should You Do This?

Divorce can be simple, especially if both sides are able to come to an early agreement. There are even online forms that help them do that. But there are other times when that is not feasible and both sides are fighting over seemingly every little thing.

While people can enlist someone to do divorce mediating even after they have started doing litigation, the best time is before. That way, they can get an early start by having someone impartial help them navigate certain times

People who are getting divorced can hire someone to do divorce mediating if they want to get more control over what the outcome will be. Rather than arguing in front of a judge, who can issue rulings that might anger both sides, going into mediation can possibly keep that from happening. You will also have more control over your schedule.

This can help you resolve your divorce faster since you won’t be worried about being part of a backlog with a judge. You can also save more money by doing this rather than having to pay an attorney to help with resolving things like child support, custody, or how you split up your assets. Most of the time, you will split the mediator’s fee.

Disadvantages of Divorce Mediation

Like everything else, nothing is perfect. You won’t be able to have someone negotiating for you. Mediators can’t give you legal advice, either. You might not even be able to have a lawyer present at all.

There is a way around that part, though. You can talk to a lawyer outside of these sessions to make sure that you are not missing anything.

While you might save on courtroom costs, you will still be paying more than if you spring for a do-it-yourself divorce. It depends on how you want everything to be resolved.

Ending a marriage can be sad, but if you think mediation is the best way, then you can get the results you want. Call us today when you need help with your mediation.