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Many married couples dealing with a divorce worry about facing all out war and financial devastation in divorce court. Thankfully, for couples in the Chicago, IL area, there is now another option available: mediation through a website called, the website for CEL and Associates, is a full service mediation firm offers divorce mediation, marital mediation, divorce coaching, and divorce therapy services. Currently 40-50 percent of divorces will end in divorce. There is a real need to help couples through the process of ending their marriage and making the key decisions that allow them to move on.

CEL and Associates helps couples divorce more peacefully and affordable then with the traditional divorce process. Through divorce mediation, couples can work out the details of the divorce agreement together, rather than fighting it out in court. This helps them map out the finances, division of assets, child custody and visitation, and other key issues.

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CEL and Associates President Brian James says, “When people are working through a divorce we see the pain they go through. One of most effective ways helps struggling couples comes from helping them work together to create solutions that work for both of them. In most situations these are couples who work with us come out feeling more peace and personal strength to move on with their lives.”

In addition to helping them collaborate on a divorce agreement and parenting plan, offers divorce coaching to help individuals navigate the divorce process, and reduce their stress and anxiety. A divorce coach helps divorcing people to set new goals, make decisions, and create plans to transition into a new life as a single.

Additionally, individuals who need therapy can work with our divorce therapists to resolve the emotional issues surrounding the separation of a couple through divorce. While mediation handles the logistical issues, therapy works on healing the heart and communication with a soon to be ex-spouse.

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CEL and Associates offers these services through the website. On the site individuals can find out more about the CEL and Associates service offerings.

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There is a divorce blog that answers top questions people have about divorce, co-parenting after divorce, and the mediation process. The blog features topics such as dealing with the emotion of divorce, the court process, child custody and support, counseling services, divorce mediation, family, finance, health insurance, assets, mediation, mental health, money and divorce, separation.

The site also features free articles written by experts on child support, co-parenting, estate planning, mediation, kids and school, health insurance, and more. serves clients in the Chicago suburbs, northeast Wisconsin, Cook, DeKalb, Dupage, Kane, Kendal, Lake, McHenry and Will Counties in Illinois and Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Racine Counties in Wisconsin.

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