3 Things a Good Divorce Lawyer Will Do for You

We all hope that we get the right life partner and lead a happy and peaceful married life. Sadly, this is not always the case, and your marriage may end in divorce even if you’ve done everything to keep it alive. Divorce is a harsh reality for most modern couples, given that one divorce happens approximately every 36 seconds. Whether you and your partner have agreed to divorce or one of you is opposed to separation, the best course of action is to hire a divorce lawyer to help you navigate the murky waters of family law.

When divorcing your spouse, hiring a divorce lawyer is a rule of thumb and the first action that you should take. To have a smooth working relationship with your divorce attorneys, you must know what to expect from them. In that regard, here’s what a good divorce lawyer should do for you.

Offer to Mediate Your Divorce

More often, divorce mediation leads to a better outcome than a litigated divorce. Couples who follow the divorce mediation process are more satisfied with the results and are less likely to breach their post-divorce agreement. Also, you’ll spend less time and resources when you have your divorce mediated. That’s why a good divorce lawyer will give you the option for divorce mediation, even before preparing for court.

Ideally, divorce mediation will serve you and your partner better than an adversarial divorce. Your divorce attorney should explain to you and your spouse what mediation entails, so you start on the same page. Most divorcing couples have the wrong assumption that a family court must decide their divorce, but that’s because they’re not aware of divorce mediation. The best divorce attorneys will offer the divorce mediation option as the first divorce advice.

Help You Strike an Amicable Divorce Settlement Agreement

Whether your divorce case ends up in court or you pursue divorce mediation successfully, you’ll need to reach a win-win divorce settlement. Having a fair divorce agreement will make post-divorce life easier for you and your partner because you’ll have fewer conflicts. Your divorce agreement should settle serious issues such as distribution of assets and liabilities, retirement accounts, child custody and support, alimony, and parenting duties.

Ideally, your divorce lawyer should help you settle these issues through mediation if you and your spouse are willing. Reaching a fair settlement agreement helps you finalize your divorce quickly, even if you opt for a litigated divorce. With a good divorce lawyer in your corner, you’ll not risk being on the shorter end of the agreement since your attorney will ensure that your needs are fairly meet.

Offer Divorce Advice to Prepare You for Post-Divorce Life

Even if you’re the one divorcing your significant other, you cannot be prepared enough for the emotional roller coaster that comes after divorce. This is especially true if you’re dealing with an angry child. A good divorce lawyer will offer you actionable tips to help you settle more smoothly in your new life after divorce.

Your attorney may recommend post-divorce counseling for you or your children, especially if any of you is likely to slide into post-divorce depression. Also, your lawyer will help you pursue mediation after divorce if circumstances change and there’s a need to review your divorce agreement. For instance, if your partner becomes an alcoholic after the divorce, you may need to review your child custody agreements to protect your children. In such instances, your divorce lawyer will initiate mediation and help you and your ex-spouse strike a new divorce settlement.

Whether you’re thinking of divorcing your spouse or you have both agreed to part ways, you should seek the services of a divorce lawyer early. A divorce attorney will help you and your partner expedite your divorce case so you can have more time to settle into your new lives.