3 Tips For Having Your Divorce Mediated

Marriages generally have a 50% chance of lasting, according to researchers. If you are planning a divorce but don’t want to hire a divorce attorney, you can get help through mediation to handle any complicated issues between you and your spouse. This can save you both time and money and help make the situation less stressful for your children. Here are three negotiation tips for having your divorce mediated.

Prepare In Advance

You will want to know what goals you are trying to achieve through the mediation process before you begin. The three main issues in most mediation cases concern child support and visitation, spousal support, and division of assets. Know what your goals are in each of these areas before you have your first session. Which issues do you need the most help with? What areas are you willing to compromise in?

Prepare a list of concerns to discuss ahead of time to help you make sure you don’t forget anything. You can discuss these matters with the divorce mediator during your sessions and get information and resources to help you figure things out. The arbitrator will also help you learn how to communicate with your spouse in a way that benefits both of you.

Do Your Homework

You can eliminate much stress by having your divorce mediated through an arbitrator. However, there are a few things you will want to learn and understand before walking into a session. You should research what your legal rights are in your state and how the divorce process works. This will help you understand your legal position better when it comes time to negotiate with your spouse.

Gather all your financial documents together such as your monthly household expenses, bank statements, credit card bills, insurance policies, and proof of income. You may also want to make a list of all your personal property items and their estimated value. Try to figure out what the fair market value of your home is by using online calculators and websites. You may also want to consider what your spouse will want during the divorce.

Take Your Time

During the mediation process, it’s important to take things slow and evaluate your decisions through each step of the process. Focus on the issues that matter most to you and try to compromise on everything else. Try to keep your emotions under control and not negotiate aggressively right away. Ask questions regarding any potential consequences for the decisions you want to make to avoid future problems.

Having your divorce mediated can help reduce many of the conflicts between you and your spouse and help your divorce go smoother. By figuring out what you want in advance, doing your research, and taking your time, you’ll help the arbitrator to be able to better assist you and your spouse during the divorce. You can then both move on with your lives fully confident that you made the best choices for yourselves and your children.