3 Ways Divorce Mediation Services Are Valuable to Separating Unmarried Couples

When a marriage goes sour, plenty of people consider seeking mediation services. Divorce and mediation go hand-in-hand, after all. However, 5.5 million adults choose to live informally together in the United States instead of officially tying the so-called knot. Does this mean they should forgo contacting a mediation services divorce attorney? No. Any long-term, live-in couple can benefit from talking with a divorce mediator. After all, their fundamental needs regularly echo those of divorcing married couples. For that reason, any adults who choose to un-couple should weigh the advantages of mediation.

Help When Dividing Shared Assets

When two people live together, they tend to share assets. This could mean they jointly own real estate property or bought a vehicle in both their names. In the event that they break up, they may not have the ability to objectively determine how to fairly distribute and un-join those assets. By seeking the professional mediation services divorce lawyers provide, they can better determine how to adequately part ways without either person losing too much wealth.

Assistance With Child Custody Recommendations

Plenty of parents have never wed. If they have lived together as a family for years, their decision to break up will feel exactly like a legal divorce. As such, undergoing help from a mediation services divorce lawyer can assist the parents in judiciously and responsibly creating child custody and visitation plans. Again, just because they never walked down the aisle does not mean they cannot seek advice from a divorce lawyer.

Support on How to Successfully Move On

Although mediation services divorce professionals frequently focus on fiscal and parenting matters with their clients, they serve other purposes. Case in point: They can play a positive emotional role for people dealing with sudden separation. Knowledgeable divorce attorneys have learned throughout their careers that change is bound to be difficult for clientele. Even adults who want to end their relationships experience psychological challenges. Mediation offers a judgment-free forum where everyone is able to face separation in a healthier way.

Should you contact a divorce attorney to mediate your break-up, even if you never married? Obviously, the answer is up to you. Nevertheless, remember that entering into mediation services for divorce frequently makes sense when leaving a significant other, especially if you have shared assets or children. It can also pave the way for a brighter future.