Choosing Peace with Divorce Mediation in Chicago – by Brian James

Divorce mediation in Chicago is a peaceful alternative to the typical adversarial process involved in a litigated divorce.  In mediation, parties work out legal issues, including custody decisions, living arrangements, property division, spousal support and child support.  Parties turn to divorce mediation in Chicago because it is usually faster and cheaper than litigating the case.  Another important consideration is that mediation often allows the parties to build a foundation for a better relationship going forward.

During the mediation process, a professional mediator facilitates conversations that help the parties come to agreement.  During this process, the mediator may inform the parties about how courts typically decide certain issues.  The spouses can make better decisions when they are aware of the alternatives that may await them outside mediation.  The parties talk through their issues with the help of an experienced negotiator who helps facilitate this communication.  They are not inhibited by solutions available through a courtroom and can instead draft an agreement that is tailored to their particular needs as a family.  Brainstorming sessions help the parties come up with potential solutions to their legal issues, whether they are contemplating whether to keep or sell a marital home or how to share time with children on the holidays.

Since the parties play an integral part in the mediation process, they are more likely to adhere to the agreements they make.  This can help avoid post-divorce litigation that tends to extend the problems well after the divorce is finalized.  Additionally, the parties are more likely to be satisfied with the agreement that they reach because they are usually able to include provisions in the agreement with which they are willing to comply.  In many cases, mediation provides a framework for solving problems that may arise in the future.  If a problem does arise, the parties know how to negotiate until they reach a solution.