Common Myths You May Have Heard About Divorce Mediation

should you mediate your divorce

If you are going through a divorce, you and your partner may be struggling to figure things out.

But should you mediate your divorce? You may have heard a lot about divorce mediation in the past, but all of what you heard might not be true. Here are some common divorce mediation services myths.

Mediation Allows for One Spouse to Take Over
If you’re working with a professional mediator, there should be no balance issues. If they notice that one person is taking over the conversations and decisions they will put a stop to it. Before moving onto the next thing, they will help you both work out the issue so both sides are happy. For example, if kids are involved, the mediator will encourage you to step back and think about their best interest. About 75% of children with divorced parents live with their mother. But is that what’s right for your family? The only problem is that the mediator is only aware of what’s happening inside the mediation room. What happens behind closed doors might not be shared with the mediator. Those pieces of information can be of value if the couple chooses to discuss them with the mediator.

Mediation is a Hassle and You Should Hire a Lawyer Instead
If you and your partner are looking for something that’s stress-free and will save you a lot of money, turning to a mediator can be a big help. Mediation offers an approach to information-gathering and decision-making that’s more streamlined than working with a lawyer. If you choose to use the court system, it’s going to be a pain and extremely expensive.

Mediation Is For Wimps
You may think that the only people going to mediation are complete wimps and can’t make up their minds. But in mediation, you get to speak up for what you want. You won’t have anyone around you telling you what to do. Many people coming out of meditation feel as though they have a strengthened sense of self-confidence and gain communication skills.

So should you mediate your divorce? In the end it’s up to you. Divorce mediation can be extremely helpful when you can’t come to a decision with your spouse. The mediator has your best interests in mind and will work to make sure you’re both as happy as possible.