Divorce Mediation FAQ: What You Need To Know About Divorce Mediation

If you’re about to start the process of divorce mediation, you likely have a lot of questions about what comes next. What happens during divorce mediation? What will you get out of this process? What happens if you just can’t agree with your spouse? If you’re looking at divorce options and processes for you and your current spouse, here are some answers to a few of the most commonly asked divorce mediation questions.


What Is Divorce Mediation?


A divorce mediator helps facilitate the difficult conversations that happen surrounding divorce procedures and settlements. They help to make sure both people in a divorce are heard and get to contribute to the conversations. Additionally, they can provide a neutral third-party perspective, with added insight on how the legal proceedings might factor into certain issues.


What Happens During Mediation?


Mediation usually takes place over several sessions, during which both parties talk about their wants and needs out of the divorce process. Over the course of the sessions, both people will work towards an agreement for the divorce, which will then be confirmed by any attorneys or legal parties involved.


How Do I Know If My Case Is Good For Mediation?


Any divorcing couple can benefit from additional assistance, and therefore can make use of a mediator. However, mediators are especially helpful in situations where the separating couple does not get along or have issues with communication. The mediator can act as a middle-man and leveling force during negotiations, to ensure everyone’s needs are addressed.


What If Children Are Involved?


If part of your negotiations and agreements is going to involve children, a mediator can be incredibly helpful. This is especially true in the case of child custody; 75% of children with divorced parents live with their mother, and sometimes this precedent can complicate situations where the father wants custody of the child. Your mediator can help you figure out a situation that works best for you and your entire family.


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