Divorce Mediation Myths: Your Divorce Mediation Questions Answered

Going through a divorce is incredibly stressful, but there are a variety of services available that can make divorcing your spouse a bit more manageable. Unfortunately, many people have the wrong idea about divorce mediation due to a few common myths; these myths sometimes can keep people from getting the divorce assistance they need because they don’t understand just how much these services could help. Learn the truth behind these common myths to answer some of your divorce mediation questions and get you the help you may need.

Myth: “Divorce mediation isn’t legally binding, so we’ll still need to go through court proceedings anyway.”

Fact: Even if your mediation agreements aren’t necessarily legally binding, mediation services can help you have a plan for when you do get to court. This can help simplify and speed up the legal process involved in seeking a divorce, while also ensuring you and your spouse are satisfied with the arrangements.

Myth: “Divorce mediation is for couples that want to stay together.”

Fact: Not all divorce mediation results with the couple staying together. Divorce isn’t necessarily a bad solution in all situations, and sometimes it’s the best path forward for both partners. Divorce mediation, instead, is focused on you and your spouse having closure and resolution while going through divorce proceedings.

Myth: “Divorce mediation is only for married couples.”

Fact: In today’s world, more and more couples are living together and making major financial decisions together while unmarried. As many as 5.5 million U.S. couples live together unmarried; these couples can also benefit from divorce mediation services, especially if they share major assets like a home or joint financial accounts.

Myth: “Divorce mediation won’t work because my spouse and I can’t communicate.”

Fact: Regardless of why you and your spouse are struggling to communicate, it’s the job of the mediator to ensure both sides arguments and points are heard. Even if communication is a problem for you and your spouse, divorce mediation services can help.

These harmful myths can keep people from getting the assistance they need for mediating their divorce, so knowing the facts and realities of divorce mediation is essential. Still looking for answers to your divorce mediation questions? Contact CEL and Associates today for more information.