Divorce Settlement

Divorce Settlement

Divorce Settlement Advice for a fair settlement without losing your mind or your wallet.

When a couple is in the process of filing for a divorce, each individual wants to be certain that they are getting a fair deal in the divorce settlement. Below is some advice on ways to reach a divorce settlement more easily and make sure your divorce is fair and equal.

What the Divorce Settlement Outlines

One of the biggest challenges in a divorce is deciding how to split what you have created together in marriage into two separate households. Basically, the divorce agreement outlines the division of property, financial assets, marital assets, child support, visitation and spousal support.

Mediation Makes Reaching a Divorce Settlement Easier

When two individuals hire opposing divorce lawyers to determine how to settle the assets from a divorce, an all out battle ensues. Emotions are high. Everyone is against each other. You fear that everything that you have worked so hard for will be ripped right out of your hands. It can be a costly and upsetting experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If a couple can decide to work together to negotiate the divorce terms it will save a lot of time, money, and headaches. A divorce mediator is an expert at helping couples to work together towards a fair and equitable divorce settlement.

The Process of Reaching a Divorce Settlement with Mediation

Divorce mediation is a process by which a couple meets with a divorce mediator over several sessions to work out the terms of the divorce and draft a divorce settlement.

First the couple meets to establish the ground rules of mediation. This means that they agree to be respectful, cooperate, listen, and communicate to find common agreement.

The next step in reaching a divorce settlement is to make a list of the items that are still in disagreement for the couple. Then, item by item the divorce mediator negotiates each item helping both sides to brainstorm solutions. One by one they work through the issues until resolutions are reached for all outstanding items.

The final process is for the divorce mediator to draft a divorce settlement which can then be filed in court.

Advantages of Creating Divorce Settlement Through Mediation

  • It’s quicker
  • The divorce is completed much sooner
  • There’s less fighting, name calling, and frustration
  • The divorce mediator helps you make decisions that are kid friendly
  • It will save a couple thousands of dollars on the cost of their divorce

 Get Divorce Settlements the Easy Way with Divorce Mediation

CEL and Associates helps couples to create divorce settlements quickly, easily, and more affordably with divorce mediation. Find out more today about how easy getting a fair divorce settlement can be. Call us at 866-922-4733 or visit our website today to learn more about divorce settlement with divorce mediation.

Fast, Fair Divorce Settlement with CEL and Associates

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