Do I Need a Divorce Attorney For Divorce Mediation?

If you’re going through a divorce and have chosen the mediation process, you may be encountering confusion about whether or not you need a divorce attorney to help you with the process. Divorce mediation is helpful mainly because you won’t have to have rulings given out from a judge about your divorce proceedings, but you still need a divorce attorney. Here are a few reasons why having a divorce lawyer is important during the divorce mediation process.

Make Sure That Your Legal Documents Reflect Your Wishes

During the mediation process, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will make certain agreements and reach different decisions regarding dividing your shared assets. Having a divorce attorney that you can contact for help looking over the final legal agreements for what you decide on is a good way to ensure that everything is properly worded to work for you. For example, although you’re 40% less likely to get divorced if you have children, you may still be going from parents to co-parents with a divorce. A divorce attorney will make sure that you’ve got the right paperwork filed per your custody agreement.

Have All Your Paperwork and Assets in Order

Divorce mediation goes the most smoothly when both parties are properly prepared for their sessions. This is another time when a divorce attorney will be able to help you — they can ensure that you have everything you need ready for your mediation sessions. From financial documents to documents about your shared home or other assets, your divorce lawyer can help ensure that you have everything you need.

A Divorce Attorney Doesn’t Have to Be There Every Step of the Way

When you use a divorce attorney during the divorce mediation process, you may not necessarily need your attorney to sit in on every single mediation session. Instead, you can just have short meetings with your attorney to prepare for the mediation process or before mediation sessions to make sure you know what you need to in order to start your session.

Divorce mediation, though less stressful than a divorce that goes through the full court process, is made significantly easier with the help of a divorce attorney. If you’re in need of a divorce lawyer in the Chicago area, contact C.E.L. & Associates, Inc today. We’re more than happy to discuss your options with you for the divorce mediation process.