Three Techniques to Try to Resolve an Employment Dispute in Chicago IL – by Brian James

When an employment dispute in Chicago Illinois arises, the parties may believe that the only solution is to take the issues to court and let a judge or jury decide what will happen.  However, this pursuit often leaves both parties losing with the high costs involved in litigation and with the potential loss of a valuable employment relationship.  Rather than taking this route, many parties involved in employment disputes in Chicago Illinois decide to go through the process of mediation.  The following strategies may help them resolve their case in an amicable fashion:

Focus on Problem-Solving 

Rather that positioning themselves in adversarial places, the parties work on cooperative techniques.  Mediation allows the parties to focus their energies on solving a mutual problem.  For example, if a problem between two co-workers is leading to tension in the workplace, the employee and employer might think of ideas about how to correct this problem.  Working on a different project, working in a different division, working on a different shift or addressing issues with the other employee might offer  possible solutions to the problem.

Trying on Some New Shoes

In mediation, the parties may be able to develop a better understanding of the other’s position if they put themselves in the other’s shoes.  The employee might consider how he or she would want to work with unhappy employees if the situation were reversed.  Likewise, the employer can consider how he or she would feel in the employee’s situation.  Empathy in mediation is critical to its success.

Commit to the Process

Mediation has been used to resolve some of the most contentious cases.  Creativity and maintaining an open mind are critically important.  Have faith that it will work, and it very likely will.