Considerations for a Chicago Prenuptial Agreement

A Chicago prenuptial agreement establishes certain property rights in the event of death or divorce.   A prenuptial agreement is a way to avoid the default laws of the state.   When drafting a Chicago prenuptial agreement, take time to consider the following:  Whether to Use a Prenuptial Agreement  Some parties mistakenly believe that a prenuptial agreement

Three Things You Didn’t Know about Divorce Mediation in Chicago

Although divorce mediation in Chicago is quickly becoming recognized as a sensible alternative to a bitter fight in court, many people are still unfamiliar with this process. Learning these three facts about divorce mediation in Chicago can help you make an informed decision about whether this process may make sense for you. Divorce Mediation is

Basics of an Effective Chicago Prenuptial Agreement

A Chicago prenuptial agreement can establish an agreement between an engaged couple in contemplation of marriage. This agreement spells out how the couple will handle certain matters, such as how their assets, debts and incomes will be handled and what will happen if they get divorced or one of them dies. Knowing the basics of

A Feel-Good Chicago Prenuptial Agreement

Many individuals approach a Chicago prenuptial agreement with a great deal of trepidation.  Prenuptial agreements often seem coercive in nature with the wealthier individual threatening to cancel the wedding if the lower-earning spouse does not agree to sign away important rights.  However, people who love each other can create a Chicago prenuptial agreement that makes

Information to Provide to Your Divorce Mediator in Chicago

Parties who are looking to end their marriage in an amicable fashion and to avoid costly litigation often turn to a divorce mediator in Chicago.  A mediator is an objective third party who helps guide discussions and facilitates communication between the parties with the ultimate objective being to reach a settlement in the case.  A