Everything You Need to Know About Divorce Mediation

Marriage is a beautiful thing that can become even more beautiful over time. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In fact, there is 1 divorce approximately every 36 seconds in the United States. People marry too young, people have trouble with fidelity, couples grow tired of arguing or simply grow apart from each other. Whatever the reason, if your marriage has reached the end and divorce is your only option, consider divorce mediation services.

Here are some frequently asked questions pertaining to divorce mediation:

    • What is divorce mediation? — Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that allows divorcing couples to meet with a specially-trained, neutral third-party to discuss and resolve common divorce-related issues.


    • What are the advantages of divorce mediation? — We’ll go into a few of these in more detail, but the main benefits of divorce mediation are less stress, easier on kids, fully confidential, a much faster process, and working with a divorce mediator costs much less than conventional attorneys.


    • How much does a divorce mediator cost? — Mediation is typically less stressful and less expensive than a divorce trial, and it usually proceeds much faster! Typically, the average divorce mediator cost is between $5,000 and $10,000. Conversely, The Wall Street Journal reported that the average cost of an attorney divorce is between $27,000 and $200,000.


    • Is divorce mediation flexible? — Another great advantage of divorce mediation is the fact that it is more convenient and flexible. Mediation allows you, your spouse, and the mediator to select a day and time that is perfect for all of you. Additionally, divorce mediators can even set up virtual meetings if getting all three of you in the same place isn’t an option.

Divorce is obviously tough on everyone involved. Rather than causing a significant amount of stress on you, your spouse, your kids, and everyone else in your life — seek out professional divorce mediation. If you’re ready to move on and get through your divorce in the most stress-free way possible, let the caring professionals at C.E.L. and Associates Inc. help you today!