How a Divorce Mediator Can Help You Avoid Divorce

According to Survived Divorce, most people who divorce marry again within three years. But is there anything you can do to avoid divorce in the first place? Fortunately, there is. You can work with a divorce mediator, as they can help you save your marriage using several tools at their disposal. Here is how a divorce mediator can prevent you from getting divorced.

Mediators Work With Counselors

A divorce mediator can help spouses avoid divorce by working with marriage counselors. This helps couples decide on what they will do to not break their marriage. An experienced mediator can even present you and your partner with options. For instance, they can suggest separation. They will also explain how you can go about coming up with a separation arrangement. Separating for a short period could actually help your marriage in some cases.

Help With Resolving Issues

Most people divorce because they’re struggling with particular issues. A trained divorce mediator can help you discuss and resolve the issues in your divorce, even without having to separate in the process. Such discussions usually take place in an informal office setting. You can also go through the mediation online. A mediator can help you list issues that you and your partner must resolve to avoid divorce. You should keep in mind, however, that mediators don’t typically offer legal advice or make decisions on your behalf. All they do is facilitate talks between you and your spouse.

A Mediator Places the Future in Your Hands

Most divorce cases end up being decided by the courts. This means you will have little to no control over the outcome. This is different from mediation. You must know that you and your spouse are most familiar with each other and the issues you will be facing. Therefore, it’s also reasonable to assume that you know how best to solve these issues. The purpose of mediation is so you can discuss without shouting at each other or fighting. This gives you the opportunity to come up with creative solutions that can save your marriage.

These are some of the ways a divorce mediator can help you avoid divorce. Are you looking for a divorce mediator? Get in touch with us today for the most reliable mediation services.