How to End a Marriage Harmoniously

Did you know every 36 seconds there is a divorce? It’s a challenging process because the two parties have to build a bridge to resolve their differences. In most cases, resolving the issues is impossible unless you use divorce mediation.

Before you complete the divorce process, you have to negotiate on settlements. For instance, you have to decide who will get the house, car, children, among other things. Unfortunately, it’s not an agreeable situation because both the parties have sentimental value towards each property or child. This makes it challenging to decide on who will take particular property while the other takes another.

What to Expect During Divorce Mediation

Do you know what to expect during divorce mediation? First, divorce mediators don’t make or influence your decision making. They act as facilitators who help you to discuss and resolve your issues.

Divorce mediation also helps you come to an agreement without the help of a court. For example, you have to discuss co-parenting, alimony, child support, and division of property. After resolving these issues, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) is drafted by the mediator. MOUs should be based on the agreement of both parties. In other words, it shouldn’t look like one of you has won.

Are You Eligible For Mediation?

It takes two to get married but one for divorce. So, you have to choose the right method of ending your marriage without straining yourself, because when one decides to end it, it has to. However, you should know that mediation is the best form of ending your marriage. But what makes you eligible?

  • Both the parties should be willing to attend the mediation and contribute in conversation
  • You should be comfortable with the mediator and ready to make your decisions without being influenced by anger or your partner.
  • Both the wife and husband should be mentally healthy.
  • You should be willing to be transparent. For instance, if you’re struggling financially, you have to say it. In other words, you have to be truthful and accurate.

During divorce mediation, you will experience many benefits contrary to different methods of the divorce process. Let’s look at the advantages you get when you choose mediation as a form of ending a marriage harmoniously.

It Puts Children First

The truth is, you rarely remember children during the divorce process because you are too consumed in the anger and the tiresome process. However, having your divorce mediated is the best thing you can give your children. The mediator puts the interests of children first. How? Family mediators encourage you to view the issues at hand like parents, and therefore, you come up with decisions that will benefit the child.

It’s Peaceful

When you hire divorce attorney, you expect them to represent your interests. So, there will be two divorce attorneys, each representing one of you battling for self-interest. This brings up a heated environment for children and you. However, when you choose divorce mediation help, you go through the process amicably.


When you hire litigation driven lawyer, you have to pay more because they’ll be representing your interest and you expect them to win. However, the divorce mediation process is ideal. You use one professional instead of two lawyers, and communication is real-time, therefore, saving your time.

Mediation Is Fair

Winning a case in court is determined by your lawyer’s expertise and experience. However, intervention is a fair process. Before the MOU is drafted, both parties have to agree on relevant terms. Moreover, the power of ruling what’s right is put in both of your hands.

For instance, when you solve a case through court, your lawyer might tell you that the offer on the table is the best. Since you don’t want the deal to get uglier, you might sign the papers even if you’re not comfortable with terms.

Hire a Mediator and Resolve Your Divorce Issues Smoothly

The above are tips on what to expect during divorce mediation. Indeed, they are beneficial, contrary to what other methods offer.