Minimizing Conflict in Divorce Mediation in Racine County WI – by Brian James 

Divorce mediation in Racine County Wisconsin provides spouses with an alternative to contentious divorce proceedings.  While negative emotions are understandable and common during divorce, the potential physical wellbeing, emotional health and financial stability of both parties often depend on the parties being able to work through these emotions.  Parties can take the following steps during divorce mediation in Racine County Wisconsin to minimize conflict:

Listen to Professionals

Many spouses decide to retain the services of a lawyer.  This makes sense as a lawyer can explain the client’s rights and responsibilities to him or her.  He or she can also explain the process of divorce and give a realistic idea about what to expect.  Divorcing couples may also retain the services of a mediator.  A mediator can provide an objective opinion about the case and how a judge may rule on a particular issue given the relevant law and recent case outcomes.  It is important that the parties allow the mediator to facilitate resolution of their problems in a creative and thoughtful way.

Avoid Pushing Buttons 

Being married gives people knowledge of the things that bother and frustrate their partner.  During mediation, the emphasis is on working together, and seeing things in a new way, not to paint the other person in a negative light or to continue the fight.

Focus on the Big Picture 

It is common for spouses to have doubts during the divorce process or to even try to stall it because they are not ready.  However, these tactics typically delay the inevitable while costing both parties more time, money and frustration.  For couples without children, mediation offers the opportunity to quickly and affordably split up the marital estate and move on.  For those with children, mediation provides the parties with the opportunity to create a new relationship as co-parents.