Need Help with Divorce? Consider Divorce Mediation

The fairytale didn’t really end out the way you thought it would. And now you and your spouse are headed for divorce. There are many reasons why divorce happens in life: changes, stress, financial problems, infidelity, and sometimes people just grow apart. Whatever the reason, now you are getting divorced and this is a process that is very complicated. Where do you go for divorce assistance? Who will guide you through all you need to know and give you help with divorce and all that it involves? Of course, you could go to a divorce lawyer. Is this the right path for you? Is it the only option? No. There are other options, and one of them is the divorce mediation process. Here is a look at what to expect during divorce mediation, and answers to some of your divorce mediation questions.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process in which individuals attempt to come to an agreement on all the terms of a divorce, without going to court. It can be seen as similar to mediation in the workplace. When there is a professional situation that needs to be remedied, management and employees discuss the options and come to an agreement on all the terms, settling the disagreement through mediation. This is similar to what happens in divorce mediation.

Cost of Divorce Mediation

No one ever said that divorce was inexpensive. On the contrary, actually. Finding help with divorce proceedings can be extremely expensive. It has been shown that a divorce in the United States can range on an average from $15,000 to $42,000. Divorce mediation provides help with divorce proceedings and saves both parties court costs which can really make the divorce so incredibly expensive. In mediation, an agreement is negotiated between the two parties that are divorcing. Arrangements are made and terms are settled so that all future interactions will be planned out and explained. This, of course, includes support payments and child visitations.

What if There Are Children Involved?

It is true that change can sometimes be a very positive, dynamic force and it can actually give you a new lease on life. But other times, it can have a ripple effect on those around you. For instance, the concept of change is not so easy for children to understand, especially in the case of a divorce. It is also a fact that the mother has custody of the children usually when parents divorce, with about 75% of children living with the mother. So if you are divorcing, be prepared to face this reality.

Time Line of Divorce Mediation

Whether or not your divorce involves children, you will need to find help with divorce settlements and arrangements, and you will want to take care of it as quickly as possible. Instead of dragging your divorce through the court system, divorce mediation can be quicker, making it a viable alternative for you. Both parties agree to follow the standards that are set. This allows you to get on with your new life quickly and put the past behind you.


Making a commitment to married life is a major step. Tradition and hope abound on your wedding day. But real life after the wedding is full of conditionals and compromises. Statistics show that half of all marriages end up in divorce. Another statistic is that the divorce rate drops by 13% for those individuals who have attended college…but even then the numbers aren’t that encouraging. So, if circumstances evolve to the point where your relationship is over, getting help with divorce through divorce mediation is a constructive step for you. This is a process which, as we have seen, can be quicker and less expensive than traditional divorce. Finalizing a divorce and getting closure on one relationship will allow you to move on with the rest of your life. This can only be of great benefit the long run for all parties involved.