Preparing For a Divorce Mediator

If you are looking to prepare for divorce mediation, then you can first consider yourself a winner on some level when it comes to the matter of your divorce. Since you have decided to dissolve your union with your partner, divorce mediation can help you successfully close that chapter and move forward. Divorcing couples decide to end their marriage for a variety of reasons. There may be a huge disagreement about money. Lack of support and love are other reasons to end a union. Arguments may tend to escalate and get out of hand. In fact, Americans argue about 19 times in a month, on average.

Regardless of the reasons you have decided to end your marriage, you have decided upon divorce mediation. While divorce is challenging, divorce mediating could prove to be quite productive. Let’s examine some ways you can prepare for divorce mediation services.

Organize All Financial Information and Data

Your mediator should be a guide that advises you to gather all financial information that you should bring to your meetings. During the divorce mediation process, both you and your partner will be asked to supply the mediator with financial data and information. This may include income information, business earnings, assets, and statements. Depending upon your circumstances, you may be asked to bring supplemental information to the meetings.

An experienced divorce mediator will offer you a comprehensive and simple form that helps you categorize your information. Your divorce mediator may also ask you to fill out the sheet and supply your retirement accounts, real estate, stocks, timeshares, dividends, and other assets that you may have. There will also be a section that you can identify your loans, credit cards, and other debts if you have them. For each couple, the financial framework will look different. Your job is to be as accurate and detailed as you possibly can.

Consider your Interests, Not Position

Divorce mediation is about opening the lines of communication and being as amicable as possible with the spouse that you’re divorcing. If you choose to make demands and fight over possessions and positions, then you may not have a successful mediation process. Many divorce lawyers are masters at representing their clients.

However, when you’re divorcing your spouse, no one is really a winner when fights ensue. A divorce mediator and a divorce lawyer want the best possible outcome in the calmest environment. Therefore, it may be beneficial to focus on what you want and why you desire those things instead of demanding what you want and stating your position.

With a divorce mediator, you’ll be able to focus on what you want and need. While you may not agree with your soon-to-be ex-spouse about their desires, your divorce mediator may be able to help you see the perspective that your spouse has. Afterward, your mediator may be able to help you draft an agreement that both divorcing parties are satisfied with.

Choosing What’s Best for the Children

When you approach divorce mediation with a willingness to work with your spouse to come to resolutions on child-related issues, you are then quickly able to see problems dissolve. Working with your spouse further creates an opportunity to be a healthy and cohesive co-parenting unit. Your inability or ability to communicate after the divorce will have a tremendous impact on your child.

Practice Self-Care

Before any divorce mediation takes place, give yourself permission for self-care. Perhaps you can sign up for some yoga classes. Maybe you can take a power walk a few mornings each week. While self-care provides better health and wellness for life, self-care is vital before beginning any mediation services and divorcing your significant other.

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