Same Sex Divorce Chicago

Same Sex Divorce Chicago

same sex divorce chicagoChicago Civil Union Bill – Now same sex couples in Chicago can take advantage of divorce mediation to end their same sex and never married couples marriage or dissolve their civil union through same sex divorce Chicago services.

On June 1, 2011 Chicago Governor Pat Quinn signed the legislation that allows for civil unions in Chicago. Now that same sex and never married heterosexual couples in Chicago have legal protections that were once extended to traditional male/female marriage partners, there is a need for Divorce Mediation to help them end their civil union peacefully.

Same Sex Divorce Chicago Services Provide Divorce Mediation that Assists Gay Couples and Same Sex Divorce in Dissolving Civil Unions in Chicago

CEL and Associates understands the needs of same sex and never married heterosexual couples. With compassion we help couples separate so they can end their divorce peaceably.

Same Sex Divorce Chicago Divorce Mediators With a Thorough Knowledge of Your Rights

We have a thorough knowledge of Chicago Divorce law and civil unions in Chicago and understand gay marriage rights and how it relates to civil unions and never married couples in Chicago. We work with same sex unions and never married couples joined in a civil union to dissolve their Chicago civil union in a fair, less stressful way then with the traditional court process.

Benefits of Using Same Sex Divorce Chicago Services for Dissolving Civil Unions and Ending Gay Marriage

People that enter into Civil Unions in Chicago now have the same access and advantages to divorce mediation as traditional marriage partners. It makes the process ofdissolving a Civil Union in Chicago quick and easy. It saves couples filing for dissolution of a Civil Union a lot of money versus the high cost of legal fees and battling the divorce out in divorce court. It also ensures that both partners feel fair about the way property and visitation rights are settled because it is negotiated.

One of the tremendous advantages of mediation is that when same sex and never married couples work together to decide the terms of the separation, it’s much less stressful on everyone, especially when their are children involved. Having a neutral third party can take the heat out of the debate and help same sex and never married couples focus on working out the terms of the terms of the dissolution of the Civil Union. Instead of fighting and yelling, the partners can work together with the help of the divorce mediator to voice concerns and work out the differences.

Divorce Mediation Services Offering Same Sex Divorce Chicago Services Treat You With Sensitivity

For couples wishing to end their relationship, added privacy might be a special concern. The process of mediation is private and confidential. What is shared in mediation sessions is strictly confidential. And working out the details of ending a civil union in Chicago behind closed doors helps prevent needing to share private details in the courtroom and having them become public record.

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CEL and Associates specializes in divorce mediation. They help same sex marriage partners and traditional marriage partners to mediate their divorce. Their mediation firm is conveniently located with offices all around the Chicago area and serves the Chicago Suburbs and Northeast Wisconsin. Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Kane, Kendal, Lake, McHenry and Will Counties in Chicago and Kenosha, Milwaukee and Racine Counties in Wisconsin.

Contact us today to find out more about same sex divorce in Chicago and how same sex marriage partners in Chicago can peacefully end their marriage or civil union with divorce mediation by contacting our office at 866-922-4733.

We look forward to helping you make your same sex divorce Chicago and dissolving civil unions in Chicago quick and easy.