Should You Consider Sending Your Child to Therapy During Your Divorce?

Divorcing your spouse is stressful for everyone, including your children. It doesn’t matter how amicable the divorce is; it is still upsetting to everyone. Because of these emotions, should you get professional therapy for your child? Here are just four reasons you may want to consider this option.

Accepting the Situation

Therapy can help your child accept the divorce, as truly understanding the situation is one of the hardest things for a child to do under such difficult and emotional circumstances. Children often think they can control the situation and that if they act a certain way, they can get their divorced parents back together. A therapist will help your child get a grasp on the reality of the divorce.

Understanding Feelings of Guilt

Children don’t have a bigger picture view of their lives. They assume that everything happens because of them. Therapy can help your child understand that divorcing your spouse is not a reflection on them.

According to Family Counsel, American couples argue about 19 times a month. Children often hear arguments and can assume they’re about them. Therapy can help them understand that the divorce has nothing to do with them and that they will still be loved and cared for moving forward.

Learning Coping Skills

Divorce is stressful for everyone. However, children don’t have the coping mechanisms that adults do; they don’t know how to process stress, which can manifest into unwanted behaviors. Their behavior may regress, but a trained therapist will help your child develop the necessary coping skills so they can move forward peacefully.

Creating a Smoother Transition

Your child’s world is about to change, as they will need to split their time into two different homes. They will not see the non-custodial parent every day, and their schedule is about to drastically change. A professional therapist can help smooth out the transition period for your child. They will give your little one a safe and comfortable space to talk about their feelings and learn how to transition into a new schedule. Since some children don’t want to talk to their parents about their feelings regarding the divorce, a third party can truly be a lifesaver.

Ultimately, if you are divorcing your spouse, you may be very preoccupied with the situation. Getting your child therapy ensures they get the attention they need to deal with the situation. Learn more about handling your divorce with ease by contacting our team here at C.E.L. & Associates Inc. today.