Signs You Should Seek Out Family Mediation

Looking for any sort of help in your day to day life can sometimes be challenging, but even more so when you’re in need of help with a personal or family matter. However, getting help can be incredibly important for both you and the other members of your family. Sometimes, an outside perspective can make a huge difference. If you’re struggling with issues between yourself and other family members, here are some signs that you might need additional help to work through your disagreements in a safe place.


  • You can’t communicate with one another: Communication is key to resolving issues between anyone, but especially so for families. If you’ve been trying to communicate with your family members or your partner, but it feels like the other person isn’t hearing your argument, you might need additional help. Additionally, if you’re struggling to make sense of what’s upsetting the other person, family mediation services can help clarify the problems at hand.


  • Children are involved in the disagreement: Family problems are incredibly stressful, but especially so if your children are being affected by the issues. This is especially true if divorce is also a factor in a family with children; the divorce rate among couples with children is 40% lower than couples without children.


  • Your family stress is affecting the rest of your life: Family issues can be incredibly stressful, often causing issues in the rest of your life. If you’ve found that your family struggles have made it difficult to focus at work or school, you might want to look for family mediation services to help you resolve that stress, so you can get back to life as usual.


  • The topic of divorce has come up: If your partner has mentioned divorce, you’ll likely want to seek family mediation services, if not divorce mediation. Keep in mind that divorce isn’t always a “bad” solution to family problems; divorce is sometimes the best possible solution for a couple. However, it may be helpful to have an outside party available to help negotiate this difficult decision.


If you’ve been struggling with issues of family or divorce, a mediator may be able to help. Contact C.E.L. and Associates for more information on family mediation services and if you may be able to benefit from mediation.