The Top 4 Warning Signs of Divorce

Finding signs your marriage will probably end is never fun. If you notice signs that a marriage is over, seeking a divorce may fix the problem. However, working to stop divorce is only an option if both parties are willing. In some cases, the damage is irreparable, and couples choose separation as it’s in their best interest. Read on to identify the top four warning signs of divorce.

Mismatched Priorities

Few things compare to the intensity and passion of new love. However, romance is only a fraction of what it takes for a marriage to work. Bonding over similar interests and shared goals and experiences is also essential. Conceivably, both partners are experiencing different stages in life, causing a difference in priorities.

If your partner would rather spend all their free time with friends rather than spend quality time as a couple, one may feel left out. It also may promote distrust since the other partner could be cheating. Divorce can help establish common ground, strengthening the foundations of marriage again.

Poor Communication

According to YouGov, couples in the United States typically disagree 19 times per month. While arguments are unavoidable, effective communication resolves conflicts. Defensiveness is one of the most dangerous communication methods in a relationship. It’s caused by unconstructive criticism, which leads to an endless spiral of negativity.

Stonewalling and shift blaming are negative communication patterns that escalate conflict rather than resolve it. Seeking divorce help may save the marriage through practicing healthy conflict management. Healthy management patterns include accepting responsibility without making excuses or whining; a sign of manipulative victimhood.

Lack of Affection

When you think of affection, your mind may turn to physical intimacy. Yet, this is only part of it. Intimacy also involves innocent comforting gestures such as holding hands or comforting hugs at the end of a stressful day. If your relationship used to be full of these acts of affection but isn’t anymore, it signifies underlying problems. It could be that your emotional needs aren’t met, or you fell out of love with your spouse. Intimate physical interactions release oxytocin in the brain, which helps strengthen emotional connections and bonds. Seeking divorce help may help rekindle affection in the marriage.

Feeling Controlled

Has it come to a point in your marriage where you feel that your partner constantly overrides your opinions and decisions? Alternatively, does your spouse make all the big decisions and expect you to comply happily? It shows that they don’t respect your feelings anymore. Your spouse may also have a superiority complex, which often breeds contempt and produces a low ratio of positive to negative interactions. Healthy relationships require mutual respect, and to have one, seek divorce help to enable the person to value your opinion and stop being so controlling.

While differences are expected in a marriage, healthy communication and amicable solutions matter the most. If contempt and mismatched priorities jeopardize your marriage, contact C.E.L. & Associates Inc for help and regain the balance in your relationship and save the marriage.