What Is Divorce Mediation, And Can It Help You?

Divorcing your significant other, while often emotionally difficult, is surprisingly common nowadays. Roughly half of all marriages end in divorce; if you’re struggling with a separation currently, you’re in good company. The frequency of divorce in today’s society has increased the overall need for divorce mediation services. But what is divorce mediation, and who can it benefit? Read on to learn a bit more about divorce mediation services, and how they can help when you are divorcing your spouse.


What Is Divorce Mediation?


Divorce mediation is a way for couples to negotiate the terms of their separation outside of court. Because divorce and separation as a couple can be emotionally challenging and logistically complicated, divorce mediation services exist to assist in finding an agreement between both partners. Every marriage and partnership is different, and mediation sessions will go differently in each situation as a result. However, the goal in all divorce mediation sessions is to find an agreement between all parties involved that can simplify the legal process associated with divorce. A mediator ensures that all sides of an argument are heard and helps to ease the process, allowing for a better compromise.


Who Can Use Divorce Mediation?


Divorce mediation is most frequently used by married couples looking to end their marriage. Because divorce can be emotionally draining, having a mediator available to keep negotiations and discussions civil and amicable can be incredibly helpful before any legal proceedings occur.


Even if you and your partner are not married, you still can benefit from divorce mediation services. 5.5 million U.S. couples live together unmarried, and these couples also sometimes need assistance in settling disputes. Divorce mediation services can help couples reach an amicable agreement during their split, regardless of their current marital status. Whether the end goal of mediation is a legal separation or simply a split without a change in legal status, divorce mediation can ensure you and your spouse are both satisfied with the agreed upon arrangements.


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